Tips & Other Suggestions

6:37 P.M. EST 09/21/2014

Remember that you can always return to the page that you came from by clicking on the Back-Arrow in the upper left-hand corne of the page. (This doesn't apply to externally loaded files, such as PDF files and external websites for which you have to close them by clicking on the new page on the:"

Tab at the top of the page if it opened in a new tab. or, on the [x] at the top right-hand side of the page if it opened in a new separate page or as a PDF document. Warning: Do not click on the [x] of a newly opened page if it also contains a new tab at the top as this will close your browser completely unless your browser confirms that you really want to close with more than one window open. (I will post a note later telling you how to set this.)

6:41 P.M. EST 09/21/2014

You can leave a new page open by clicking on the CTRL-ALT key and switching between open pages.

11.18 P.M. EST 09/21/2014

A Return to Previous button has been added to all pages. This is equivalent to the Back-Arrow button at the top of all pages. Both of these will return control to the previous page that you were looking at. This will not work on the initial opening to the Home page as there is no previous page prior to opening the website. Any time thereafter that the Home page is accessed, the Return to Previous or Back-Arrow will operate correctly.

11:15 P.M. EST 09/28/2014

The Menu structure has been significantly altered to make it consistent throughout. Overflow pages have been put on sub-menus so that you don't have to see them until you need them. There are 4 sub-menus: Honors, Downloads, Miscelaneous and More...

(Continued at top right)

(Continued from bottom left)

The sub-menus will appear when you place your cursor over the entry which contains it.

Two buttons have been added to each page, Previous and Next. In addition, the button named Return to Previous has been renamed to Return to Last Page.

The difference between Previous and Return to Last Page is that Previous follows the listing sequence of all of the pages. By this, I mean that when you are on a page, the Previous will return you to the page listed immediately above it in the Menu list, whereas Return to Last Page will return you to the last page you were on irregardless of its position in the Menu list. So that if you are on the Home page and click on Contact Us, for example, Return to Last Page will return you to the Home page from Contact Us, whereas Previous will return you to Districts. Return to Last Page links are kept in memory so that if you use the Menu List to go from one page to another at random, say, A,B,C,D,E, then using each Return to Last Page in sequence will take you back to E,D,C,B,A.

You can use the Next button to cycle through all of the pages from wherever you start. The final page in the Menu List links back to Home page and Previous on Home Page links back to the final page. So you can go forward using Next and backwards using Previous.

8:00 A.M. EST 09/29/2014

Service Code and District Code Lookups added. Links are on Membership page. Use Return to Last Page button to return to Membership page.

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