Service To Our Own


Member's name - Address - Local Unit, if any - Illness, if known - Name of hospital.
Date of Death - Name of next of kin - Address of next of kin.
Please send this information to the National Service To Our Own Chair, who will send a letter or arrange a visit to the hospitalized member, or send a sympathy note to the next of kin in the event of death. In the event such information is furnished to The Oversea'r, please send copy to Service To Our Own Chair to make for prompt response.


Such a fund was established some years ago in order to help members faced with a pressing need and no resources available at that time. A request for a grant is to be submitted to the Service To Our Own Chair, who confers with the ARCOA President for approval after completing any necessary verifications. The process is completely CONFIDENTIAL. The Treasurer is then authorized to send a check.

Wright, Elsie Ruth is Chair. Click on Contact Us button and use Contact Officers Form to contact her.