Message From The President

Dear ARCOA Members:

I had just gotten home from Vietnam and was asked by someone if I was a member of ARCOA. I said no. What was ARCOA? I was much more interested in finding a job. Her response was....JOIN. So I did. I did not realize then how much ARCOA would impact me and how grateful I am that I am a member. Maintaining and gleaning new friendships through the only organization for volunteers and employees that have served overseas with the Red Cross is more meaningful to me each year. Equally important is the history of our service!

I tell people that being in Vietnam in 1969 with the Red Cross is the "greatest" job I ever had. It was the most creative work, under difficult situations and not unlike Red Cross disaster assignments and being overseas as a volunteer we were placed with people we did not know, lived together, worked long hard hours and then were transferred someplace else. Yet, we got the job done... and I know every single person that is a member of ARCOA can say the same thing!

This Directory (ed. note. the 2014 Printed Directory) was not easy for me. I am not the most technology minded person as Jane Drake, Joyce Bottenberg, Jenny Young and David Wright can attest to. They are the ones that deserve the credit for putting this together and providing guidance to me. It did teach me a lot though. I learned that each one of us has an important story to tell. Just look at all the codes of places and times served! I wish I could meet every ARCOA member in person and say thank you for your service and thank you for being a member!

Please know we hope you will not only continue as a Member, but also encourage others to join. We spent hours trying to get all the information in this Directory correct, but most likely there will be some changes that need to be made. Let me know and I will make sure the records are changed.

ARCOA is your organization and as other organizations we are always appreciative of donations, the gifting of a Membership to a friend, gifting a Life Membership and/or remembering ARCOA in your WILL.

Your ARCOA team of Officers, District Directors and Appointed Representatives care about you! Please don't hesitate to call us, email us or write us. We hope to see you at one of our Conventions or Memorial Ceremonies in Washington DC.

Thank you all....

Deborah MacSwain, President