Mary Louise Dowling
Leadership Enhancement Fund

The Mary Louise Dowling Leadership Enhancement Fund gives grants to ARCOA members and relatives. The purpose of the grants is to provide financial support for applicants to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, or short courses that will enable them to build leadership strengths in their chosen fields. Grants are made from interest generated from funds donated in the name of Mary Louise Dowling for purposes of leadership enhancement. The number of grants varies in accordance with funds available. To be considered for a grant you must be an ARCOA member or a direct descendant of a former American Red Cross employee who served overseas. A copy of the program or the activity announcement in which you wish to participate should accompany the application form. Application forms must be completed in their entirety. Members of a Grant Committee of the Board of the ARCOA evaluate applications and make recommendations for grants. In assessing applications, readers consider relationship of the applicant to the ARCOA member, purpose of the request (seminar, workshop, or conference rather than course work for degree goals), and a thoughtfully prepared application.

1. Download the form by clicking on the Printed Form button. Fill in online, print and email, or print, fill in by hand and mail to address below.
2. Fill out the application form completely. Please type or print clearly.
3. Write your reasons for wishing to attend the session.
4. Attach a copy of the program you wish to attend.
5. Provide name and address of one reference who attests that training will contribute to leadership effectiveness or increase leadership potential.
6. All materials should be completed and mailed together to
Joan Trovani Schrenk,
Chair Mary Louise Dowling Leadership Enhancement Fund
237 Canada Verde
San Antonio, TX 78232

Donations to the MLD Fund are welcome at any time and should be mailed to:
Dorris Heaston 27118 Eagle Ridge Pl.
ARCOA Treasurer
Harrisburg, SD 57032
American Red Cross Overseas Assn.