Life Membership In Memoriam

Members who have been so honored

Grace Burdge Augspurger

Charles "Chuck" Braidwood

Lucille V. Clarke

Cecille Dumbridge

Justine McCarthy Hadden

Robert W. Harvey

Gertrude E. Hendra

Evelyn "Hopsie" Higgins

* "Bea" Cockram Jordan

Mrs. A. F. Kapp (Lillian Jussila)

Steven Kleinman

Lois I. Laster

Charlotte A. Leedy

Florence "Flossie" Bongiorni Lyon

Luella Reckmeyer

Rush Strayer

Alf R. Thompson

Mrs. Alf R. "Betty" Thompson

Janet Day Tipton

Kenley Pearson Hall

Names that are bolded indicate Members who remembered ARCOA in their Wills